Combating alarm fatigue: 942 alarms each day or 1 every 90 seconds


Intravenous news: MedGadget report “Anyone who has worked in a hospital knows that it can be a noisy place. Staff at a 15-bed unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital documented an average of 942 alarms each day or 1 every 90 seconds (no wonder that their new high-tech hospital prioritized noise reduction to improve patient comfort). While some of these alarms are critical, many are false alarms or alarms to indicate the status of the machine itself and not the patient. Such over-stimulation can potentially lead to desensitization, a phenomenon known as “alarm fatigue.” It’s a workflow problem with dire consequences: alarm fatigue resulted in over 200 deaths nation-wide in the second half of the 2000s. In order to learn more about the problem of alarm fatigue and what types of medical technology solutions are around the corner we spoke with the Dr. Joe Frassica, the Chief Medical Information Officer at Philips Healthcare.”

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