Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Automix Automated Nutrition Compounder Systems: Class I Recall


Intravenous news: The FDA report “FDA notified healthcare professional of a Class I recall of Baxter Healthcare Automix Automated Nutrition Compounder Systems, due to incorrect key press responses, caused by fluid entry into device keypads, and intermittent electrical failures. Fluids, such as water, cleaning solutions, and nutrition source solutions, may enter into the keypad of the Automix control module and may cause the Automix to generate an incorrect device response to an Automix operator’s key press. The intermittent electrical failures may cause the motors on the Automix to pump nutrition solution when not programmed to do so, or may cause the Automix to stop compounding before it has finished appropriately mixing the Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Solution. Causes for the intermittent electrical failures have not been determined.

The incorrect key response failure and the intermittent electrical failures may lead to improperly mixed TPN solutions (e.g. incorrect volumes, incorrect solutions, and/or solution incompatibilities). For critical components of TPN, such as Potassium Chloride and Calcium Chloride, large variations in dosing in highly vulnerable patients could lead to serious injury and/or death.”

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