Award given for implementing a computer-based intravenous dosing system that significantly improved rates of hyper and hypoglycemia


Intravenous news: The Star Tribune report “As Clinical Coordinator at Wyoming Medical Center (WMC), Mike is tasked with assuring that clinical pharmacy services are provided in a consistent and effective manner. When he recognized that rates of hyper and hypoglycemia associated with IV insulin infusions were less than ideal at WMC, he began an arduous process to re-vamp the protocol. After several attempts that yielded little or no improvement, Mike investigated computer based IV dosing tools. The hospital decided on a Hospira product named Endotool. Pre and post-implementation data were collected and results have been nothing short of extraordinary; Pre-implementation rates of hypo and hyperglycemia were 4.71% and 26.26% respectively. Post-implementation rates fell to 0.9% and 14.09% respectively. Mike has presented these findings to the WPhA, at ASHP Midyear and will be published in the near future in both print and an online video. Though the technology involved was not a homegrown program, Mike’s persistence at finding a better way to handle IV insulin paid off well for the patients of WMC, using technology to improve glucose control and clinical outcomes.”

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