An inquest has heard that an infected peripheral intravenous (IV) catheter contributes to patients death


Intravenous news: The Daily Mail report “Retired company director David Foster, 76, was admitted to Annecy Hospital near Geneva after being overcome by pain while skiing with his family in March last year. He was flown back to England eleven days later, but died when the bug he picked up on the ward ruptured his heart and caused massive internal bleeding. His son Nicholas told Southwark Coroner’s Court it was the first time his father had been away with his grandchildren.

Consultant vascular surgeon Matthew Waltham, who treated Mr Foster at St Thomas’ Hospital, central London, said the infection happened when an unclean drip was inserted in his arm in France. He said: ‘It certainly looked then like the infection was caused by the cannula and it still looks like that now.”

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