Ultrasound in vascular procedures


Intravenous literature: Khoo, S.W. and Han, D.C. (2011) The use of ultrasound in vascular procedures. Surgical Clinics of North America. 91(1), p.173-84.


While the use of duplex ultrasound (DUS) in the diagnosis of vascular disease has been established, its role in vascular procedures continues to expand. More powerful and portable technology has helped to overcome real and perceived barriers to the use of DUS. Familiarity with Doppler and ultrasound physics is helpful to understand the potential roles and limitations of DUS. Use of real-time imaging allows the surgeon to obtain central venous and peripheral arterial access, as well as place vena cava filters and treat iatrogenic arterial pseudoaneurysms with a greater degree of patient safety, comfort, and overall success.

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