UCLH injectable medicines guide online


Intravenous literature: The UCL Hospitals Injectable Medicines Administration Guide is now available online and provides access to the key information and advice needed for the safe and effective administration of many injectable medicines.

  • Practical  online guide to administering medicines by injection
  • Essential resource for nurses and health care professionals
  • Authoritative and accurate, written by the Pharmacy Team at UCL Hospitals
  • Covers intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous methods of administration
  • Includes preparative details and compatibility for each medicine
  • Powerful searching and browsing capabilities
  • Easy-to-navigate

How to get access

The UCLHguide online is available on licence to hospitals, NHS trusts and Primary Care Trusts and Clinical Practice groups. To gain access to the online guide your Hospital, Trust or practice group will need a subscription.

Click www.uclhguide.com to view the website.


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