Tip location: Evaluation of an electrocardiograph-based PICC tip verification system


Intravenous literature: Oliver, G. and Jones, M. (2013) Evaluation of an electrocardiograph-based PICC tip verification system. British Journal of Nursing. 22(Sup9), p.S24-S28.


Performing a chest x-ray after insertion of a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) is recognised as the gold standard for checking that the tip of the catheter is correctly positioned in the lower third of the superior vena cava at the right atrial junction; however, numerous problems are associated with this practice. A recent technological advancement has been developed that utilises changes in a patient’s electrocardiograph (ECG) recorded from the tip of the PICC as a more reliable method. This evaluation discusses how a vascular access team in a large acute NHS Trust safely and successfully incorporated the use of ECG guidance technology for verification of PICC tip placement into their practice.

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