The importance of assessment prior to venepuncture is highlighted in this article


Intravenous literature: Badami, K.G., Chalmers, I., Soule, S. and Walkden, D. (2012) Difficult venepuncture – it was all in the head! Transfusion Medicine. 22(6), p.448-9.


AIM: To emphasise the importance of careful observations and demonstrate that significant conditions may, on occasion, be detected during blood donation.

BACKGROUND: Venepunctures, the bread and butter of blood donor services, can be difficult procedures. We describe an unusual presentation of a relatively rare disease detected during routine blood donations because of difficult venepunctures.

METHODS: Case report.

RESULTS: A growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenoma was diagnosed, and successfully treated, following the initial observation of hard-to-puncture skin during blood donations.

CONCLUSIONS: Seemingly trivial abnormalities may prove clinically important. One presentation of acromegaly is hard-to-puncture skin.

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