Stuck Seldinger guidewire


Intravenous literature: Araki, Y., Fukuda, I., Hirano, M., Matsuoka, N. and Kazama, T. (2009) . Masui – Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology. 58(3), p.354-6.


Central venous catheterization using the Seldinger technique is a well known and often used method. On the other hand, there are also well known complications by needle puncture or by indwelling catheter, there are few reports about a guide wire which got hung up around the tricuspid valve. We report a case in which a guide wire got hung up to the chordae tendineae of the tricuspid valve. To insert the AVA 3Xi (Edwards life science Co. Iervine) from the right internal jugular vein, we inserted a guide wire without ease. Resistance appeared when we tried to remove the wire for 20 cm from the inserted state. The X-ray and the transesophageal echocardiography, showed the guide wire in the right ventricle. As actions to be taken, we advanced the central vein catheter of the EXCV catheter kit (Nippon Sherwood Medical Industries Co., Ltd.) to the tip, and a the guide wire was easily removed. There are many reports of the complication by the central venepuncture, but there are few reports about the guide wire which was entrapped in the vicinity of a tricuspid valve. The tip of the guide wire in this case was bent excessively, but the cause of the damage did not become clear by investigation. When a guide wire became hard to withdraw, we should never withdraw a guide wire blindly, but should search a cause and we should use the material which was matched with the cause.

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