Skin protection under IV dressings


Intravenous literature: ICT report “Medline Industries, Inc. today announced the results of a clinical study demonstrating that the company’s Sureprep No-sting Alcohol-Free Protective Barrier Wipe provides better security against adhesive-derived skin trauma than solvent-containing formulations. The randomized controlled study, recently published in the International Wound Journal, is the first comparison between solvent-free and solvent-containing no-sting barrier formulations as a skin protectant against tape stripping.

The study examined the use of Medline’s Sureprep No-Sting solvent-free formulation and a solvent-containing formulation on the skin of 12 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 55 years. Treatments were applied at baseline to two of the four test sites on the back of each subject and repeated for five days. The study found that the solvent-free formulation product provided significantly greater protection against the skin surface trauma that comes as a result of the repeated application and removal of adhesive tapes and dressings”.

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