Silver IV dressings


Intravenous literature: Khattak, A.Z., Ross, R., Ngo, T. and Shoemaker, C.T. (2010) A randomized controlled evaluation of absorption of silver with the use of silver alginate (Algidex) patches in very low birth weight (VLBW) infants with central lines. Journal of Perinatology. 30(5), p.337–342.


Objective: To measure systemic silver absorption when using silver-impregnated alginate central catheter dressings in very low birth weight (VLBW) neonates and to monitor blood stream infection.

Study Design: Fifty infants were enrolled in a prospective, randomized controlled trial lasting 28 days. Each patient was assigned to standard dressing or silver alginate (Algidex) group. Serum silver concentrations were obtained on day 1, 7, and 28.

Result: Significant differences in mean serum silver concentrations for the treatment versus standard dressing group were observed using students t-test analysis. The silver alginate group had a 45.8% reduction in infection/1000 line days, although too few patients were enrolled to draw meaningful efficacy conclusions about prevention of blood stream infection.

Conclusion: Mean serum silver concentrations in the treatment group were significantly higher than controls although below levels anticipated to result in toxicity. A large study evaluating reduced blood stream infections in VLBW infants is warranted.


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