Self IV administration at home


Intravenous literature: An Australian poster presentation by Pauline Dobson, Mark Loewenthal and Narelle Orford reports “We have demonstrated that HIVT for serious infections can be safely administered by patients and their carers, with most complication rates equivalent or better than HCW administered care. The higher rate of definite line infection in the PTC group can largely be attributed to one long term patient with multiple co-morbidities, and remains within the lower range for blood stream infections in CVCs. These results reflect a high standard of selection and training provided by an experienced team. We believe the results may be due to a heightened sense of responsibility when caring for one’s own catheter. The advantages of PTC provision of HIVT are that it involves the patient actively in their own care, provides them with more flexibility and saves the cost of HCW time. This option can be offered to a large proportion of HIVT patients. In 2010, over 50% of our HIVT patients are self-caring.”

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