Scrub the hub directions


Intravenous literature: Moureau, N.(2011) Graphic Depictions and Text Help Educate Clinicians on Use of New IV Disinfection Cap. AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control. 39(5), p.E177.


Policies and procedures in healthcare require disinfection of a needleless IV connector with 70% isopropyl alcohol prior to accessing the IV line. Implementation has typically involved a “scrub the hub” approach using an alcohol pad, twisting the pad over the connector with downward pressure, then waiting for the alcohol to dry before line access. However, published literature, a recent survey of more than 2,000 clinicians, and anecdotal evidence indicate compliance with this manual method is well below 70%. The method is also subject to variable technique and time pressures confronting busy nurses. Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals require a process for disinfection for connectors. Recent clinical success in cleaning and protecting connectors has been achieved with a new kind of device, called a disinfection cap, which early results indicate enhances compliance verification and provides an extra measure of protection and disinfection.

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