Saline washout as a treatment of radiographic contrast medium extravasation of the upper extremity [Article in French]


Intravenous literature: Ho Quoc, C., Chaput, B. and Grolleau, J.L. (2013)  . Chirurgie de la Main. March 5th. .


Radiographic contrast medium extravasation in the upper extremity is not rare. It can be responsible for functional (compartment syndrome) and cosmetic sequelae. It is very difficult to predict the degree of final tissue injury in emergency. Currently, there is no consensus of emergency treatment. However, liposuction and saline washout as described by Gault is the usual treatment. We report the case of 42year-old woman with radiographic contrast medium extravasation in the arm (120cm3) with neurologic complications involving median nerve and medial cutaneous nerves of arm and forearm. Emergency conservative surgical washout with saline solution was performed under local anaesthesia. Drainage was realised by lipoaspiration cannula and arm massages. Clinical and radiological results were estimated. Ultimately, the patient has retained no sequela. Contrast medium extravasation in the arm with tissue complications is exceptional. We think that saline washout and lipoaspiration cannula drainage are an emergency useful treatment for radiographic contrast medium extravasation with tissue complications. Tolerance of the management was quite good. Postoperative X-rays are useful to assess treatment efficacy.

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