Redesigning chemotherapy services in the UK


Intravenous literature: Lennan, E. and McPhelim, J. (2012) A snapshot of innovation: chemotherapy delivery in the UK. British Journal of Nursing. 21(4) (Supplement), p. S12-15.


Chemotherapy is a major part of NHS care. Around 200 hospitals deliver chemotherapy services within their facilities, in community clinics and in the patients’ homes. The safety of such services has attracted attention resulting in the production of a service template for the future by the National Chemotherapy Advisory Board in 2009. Its report recognized opportunities for redesigning services and recommended optimising the development of non-medical staff. The UK chemotherapy partnership was established to help professionals involved in chemotherapy share their experiences of improving and developing services and roles. This short article places the need for the UK Chemotherapy Partnership website in context and describes the origins of the Partnership as well as future plans.

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