Rare dysfunction of totally implantable central venous access devices


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Cataldo, R., Costa, F., Vitiello, M., Brescia, F., Proscia, P., Falco, C. and Carassiti, M. (2013) The mystery of the occluded port that allowed blood withdrawal: Is it safe to use standard needles to access ports? A case report and literature review. Journal of Surgical Oncology. December 6th. .


A frequent complication of totally implantable central venous access devices (TIVADs) is withdrawal occlusion. We describe a case of rare dysfunction of TIVADs: blood withdrawal was possible, whereas infusion was not. A further investigation demonstrated that during infusion, a silicone core, probably produced by hypodermic needle puncture, occluded the reservoir outlet hole. The silicone septum puncture by standard needles instead of non-coring ones may reduce the device effectiveness and expose patients to serious complications.

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