Prevention of pediatric CLABSI


Intravenous literature: Jeffries, H.E. et al (2009) Prevention of Central Venous Catheter Associated Bloodstream Infections in Pediatric Intensive Care Units: A Performance Improvement Collaborative. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. Link to full abstract.

Objective.The goal of this effort was to reduce central venous catheter (CVC) associated bloodstream infections (BSIs) in pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) patients by means of a multicenter evidence‐based intervention.

Results.The collaborative median CVC associated BSI rate decreased from 6.3 CVC‐associated BSIs per 1,000 CVC days at the start of the collaborative to 4.3 CVC associated BSIs per 1,000 CVC‐days at the end of the collaborative. Sixty five percent of all participants documented a decrease in their CVC associated BSI rate. Sixty‐nine CVC‐associated BSIs were prevented across all teams, with an estimated cost avoidance of $2.9 million. Hospitals were able to sustain their improvements during a 12 month sustain period and prevent another 198 infections.

Link to full abstract.

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