Nutritional and fluid requirements: high-output stomas


Intravenous literature: Medlin, S. (2012) Nutritional and fluid requirements: high-output stomas. British Journal of Nursing. 21(6-Supplement), p.S22-S25.


Based on the current available evidence, this article explores the nutritional management of those with a high-output stoma. The main alterations required to the intake of patients with a high-output stoma include the use of an oral rehydration solution to ensure optimum absorption of fluid and sodium, and a high-calorie, high-protein diet, with the aim of optimizing nutritional status. Diet advice should be delivered by a dietitian with experience in managing these complex patients. Monitoring of electrolytes and micronutrients is essential, and long-term follow up from a multidisciplinary nutrition support team is invaluable in coordinating this. Patients with high-output stomas can enjoy good quality of life and long-term health if their condition is managed effectively by a well-organized multidisciplinary team.

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