Neonatal device-associated BSI


Intravenous literature: Balkhy, H.H. et al (2010) Neonatal rates and risk factors of device-associated bloodstream infection in a tertiary care center in Saudi ArabiaAmerican Journal of Infection Control. 38(2), p.159-161.


In a prospective surveillance study, we examine the risk of device-associated bloodstream infection (BSI) in a neonatal intensive care unit at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during 2006 and 2007. The incidence per 1000 device-days was 8.2 for central line-associated BSI and 10.5 for umbilical catheter-associated BSI. Both rates were higher with more umbilical catheter and less central line utilization ratios compared with those reported by the American National Healthcare Safety Network hospitals. Concurrent with implementation of more strict infection control practices, BSI rates declined over the course of the study. Prolonged device duration was an independent risk factor for device-associated BSI.


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