Needlestick injury surveillance: Study suggests increased risk for NSI with vaccination inexperience


Intravenous literature: Williams, N.J., Ghosh, T.S. and Yogt, R.L. (2012) Needlestick injury surveillance during mass vaccination clinics: Lessons learned and why more is needed—Tri-County (Denver Metropolitan) region, Colorado, 2009. American Journal of Infection Control. 40(8), p.768-770.


Tri-County Health Department studied needlestick injury (NSI) risks in pandemic influenza A (H1N1) mass vaccination clinics through incident reports and an Internet-based vaccinator survey. The mass vaccination clinic NSI rate was 4.9 times the mean rate observed during Tri-County Health Department’s 2003 to 2009 routine vaccination clinics. There was also a trend of increased risk for NSI with vaccination inexperience. These findings can be used to improve future mass vaccination clinic safety.

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