Needle length must be considered when administering IM injections


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Palma, S. and Strohfus, P. (2013) Are IM injections IM in obese and overweight females? A study in injection technique. Applied Nursing Research. September 30th. .


If given incorrectly, intramuscular injections may result in poor absorption of drug, reduced drug effectiveness, or irritation to surrounding tissues. In this study, IM injection techniques were observed and documented for needle length, injection site, needle insertion, and stretching or bunching of the skin during injection in a population of adult females. The patients’ weights and BMIs were recorded to determine the amount of subcutaneous fat at the injection site. In 22 patients of varied weights, 90% of injections were given within current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) guidelines in normal and underweight patients, and 17% were given within ACIP guidelines in overweight and obese patients. The study concluded that the needle length used is often too short in overweight and obese individuals.

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