Medication Safety Software: Performance improvement plan to increase nurse adherence


Intravenous literature: Gavriloff, C. (2012) A Performance Improvement Plan to Increase Nurse Adherence to Use of Medication Safety Software. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. 27(4), p.375-382.


Nurses can protect patients receiving intravenous (IV) medication by using medication safety software to program “smart” pumps to administer IV medications. After a patient safety event identified inconsistent use of medication safety software by nurses, a performance improvement team implemented the Deming Cycle performance improvement methodology. The combined use of improved direct care nurse communication, programming strategies, staff education, medication safety champions, adherence monitoring, and technology acquisition resulted in a statistically significant (p < .001) increase in nurse adherence to using medication safety software from 28% to above 85%, exceeding national benchmark adherence rates.

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