Lost central line guidewire


Intravenous literature: Taslimi, R., Safari, S., Kazemeini, A., Aminian, A., Joneidi, E. and Larti, F. (2009) Abdominal pain due to a lost guidewire: a case report. Cases journal. Vol 2.


A lost guidewire is a hazardous, yet completely preventable, and rare complication associated with central venous catheter insertion. Here, we report a case of a lost guidewire in a patient presented with persistent abdominal pain. The guidewire was retrieved completely during a surgical operation after the diagnosis had been confirmed by radiologic studies. Following some tips during insertion of a central venous catheter will help to prevent this mortal complication or at least, in rapid diagnosis of its loss. Interventional radiologic techniques are now readily used to retrieve a lost guidewire.


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