Literature review of safety syringes to reduce the incidence of needlestick injuries


Intravenous literature: Higginson, R. and Parry, A. (2013) Needlestick injuries and safety syringes: a review of the literature. British Journal of Nursing. 22(8), IV Supplement. p.S4 – S12.


Needlestick injuries are a serious concern for nurses and other healthcare workers. One of the main clinical risks from needlestick injury is the possible infection by blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV. A number of different measures have been introduced to minimise the risk and impact of needlestick injuries, including the use of fixed-needle safety syringes. However, some healthcare workers refuse to use such devices, for reasons that include the perceived need to change syringe needles between drawing up a medicine and its administration to a patient. This paper will explore the literature relating to needlestick injuries and the reasons commonly given for not using fixed-needle safety syringes.

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