Jill Kayley discusses the use of antimicrobial infusions in the community


Intravenous literature: Kayley, J. (2013) Antimicrobial infusions in the community. British Journal of Nursing. 22(8), IV Supplement. p.S3.


The majority of intravenous (IV) therapy administered in the community is IV antimicrobials for a wide range of infections and the treatment can be relatively short term or more generally a long term course. The choice of antimicrobial used is generally dictated by the microbiology but outpatient antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) teams, who are prescribing the treatment, try to use antimicrobials that can be given once or twice daily as these are much more manageable in the community (Chapman et al, 2012). As with any antimicrobials, some can be administered as a direct intermittent injection (bolus) and others as an intermittent infusion.

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