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Intravenous literature: IVTEAM are very pleased to announce the official launch of our sister publication IVjournal.com. Intravenous Journal is the first solely online international IV journal dedicated to providing free access to original infusion therapy related articles.

This intrepid, innovative new publication acknowledges the rapidly changing nature of intravenous care. Traditional paper based publications are usually bound by subscription restrictions. Intravenous Journal want to provide a subscription free online format to provide the any IV professional with a unique IVjournal experience.

This edition contains articles that examine issues such as ‘ultrasound guidance for vascular access’, ‘improving peripheral cannulation’ and ‘central venous catheter site assessment.

Finally, are you interested in telling the World about an IV topic close to your heart. Do you believe that the IV community would benefit from a recent case that you have dealt with. Have you researched an area of practice and you want to share your findings with others. If the answer to any of these questions are yes then please download the author guide from the IVjournal website.

Click here to view the journal.

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