IV device contamination


Intravenous literature: Rothwell, M., Pearson, D., Wright, K. and Barlow, D. (2009) Bacterial contamination of PCA and epidural infusion devices. Anaesthesia. 64(7), p.751-753.


We prospectively audited the bacterial contamination of re-useable analgesia infusion pumps. In a one-month period, 112 samples from the handset and keypads of our analgesia infusion pumps were cultured for bacterial contamination. Forty-five percent of handset swabs and 46% of keypad swabs grew bacteria; the commonest organism being coagulase-negative staphylococcus. An additional cleaning step using 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes was introduced and the contamination rate was re-audited in 100 samples. The contamination rate was reduced to 6% of handset swabs and 4% of keypad swabs. A high initial rate of bacterial contamination of re-useable analgesia infusion pumps was significantly reduced by the implementation of a simple, additional cleaning procedure.


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