IV cannula care in theatre


Intravenous literature: Aziz, A-M. (2010) Cannulae and infection control in theatre. British Journal of Nursing. 19(14), p.876.


Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are those that are not present or incubating when an individual enters hospital, but are acquired while in hospital. At any one time, 8% of patients have an infection acquired in hospital (Department of Health (DH), 2008). On average, an infection adds 3-10 days to the length of a patient’s stay in hospital. It can cost £4000-£10 000 more to treat a patient with an infection than one without an infection (DH, 2008). It is not surprising, then, that attention has been focused on tackling HAIs and, in particular, in-dwelling devices such as cannulae that have a potential for causing infections.


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