Intravenous Y-site drug compatibility chart for safe child drug administration


Intravenous literature: Manrique-Rodreguez, S., Sanchez-Galindo, A. Mora-García, T., Fernandez-Llamazares, C., Echarri-MartÃanez, L., Lopez-Herce, J., Rodraguez-Gomez, M., Bellan-Cano, J.M. and Sanjuro-Sez, M. (2012) Development of a Compatibility Chart for Intravenous Y-Site Drug Administration in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 35(2), p.109-114.


Pediatric patients admitted to intensive care units are likely candidates for intravenous drug administration. These patients may sometimes have limited vascular access, so availability of compatibility charts for intravenous Y-site administration may help daily clinical practice. A 2-dimensional table with the 47 intravenous drugs more commonly administered in the authors’ pediatric intensive care unit was drawn up based on a review of 4 databases routinely used for checking drug compatibilities. The level of concordance between the various sources used for the review was strong (κ > 0.8). However, an awareness of the limitations of each of these databases will help to optimize search results.

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