Intravenous team benefits


Intravenous literature: da Silva, G.A., Priebe, S. and Fabio, N. (2010) Benefits of establishing an intravenous team and the standardisation of peripheral intravenous catheters. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 33(3), p.156-160.


The purpose of this study was to show the importance of a team dedicated to intravenous (IV) insertion and the standardization of peripheral IV catheters in reducing venipuncture attempts, reducing cases of phlebitis, and optimizing costs. The benefits achieved by the team were a decrease in venipuncture attempts, a decrease of phlebitis (from 0.47% to 0.35%), the optimization of the team’s time, and a 29.47% reduction in the use of catheters. The study corroborates the IV team’s importance in the process of managing nurses’ workflow, since it provides important indicators for quality management.


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