Intern needlestick rate


Intravenous literature: O’Sullivan, P., Seoighe, D.M., Baker, J.F., O’Daly, B.J., McCarthy, T. and Morris, S. (2011) Hospital-based needlestick use and injuries by Dublin interns in 2010. Irish Journal of Medical Science. 2011 Jan 5. [Epub ahead of print].


BACKGROUND: Needlestick injuries (NSI) remain an occupational hazard for doctors. Previous reports suggested that needlestick practice among interns could be improved.

AIMS: We aimed to report the current occupational sharp practice and experience amongst a modern cohort of Irish interns.

METHODS: A self-designed questionnaire was distributed among interns at two Dublin-based teaching hospitals.

RESULTS: Thirty-one interns completed a self-designed questionnaire. Notably, only 26% routinely wore gloves when performing phlebotomy like tasks; 35% considered their training adequate; 26% had suffered a NSI within the first 8 months of work-over half occurred between 0000 and 0800 hours. There was a higher rate of reporting NSI than in historical reports.

CONCLUSION: Improvements have been made in occupational health management of NSI. However, practical preparation for internship continues to remain a concern. Efforts are needed to reduce unnecessary risk of suffering a NSI among our junior doctors.

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