Intensive care unit associated infections

Safety IV catheter

Intravenous literature: McCoubrey, J., MacKirdy, F., Reilly, J., Timmins, A., Cairns, S., Mullings, A. and Booth, M. (2010) A pilot study of surveillance of intensive care unit associated infections in Scotland. Journal of Infection Prevention. 11(1), p.24-26.


Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) are a significant problem in healthcare settings worldwide. H The risk of HCAI is higher in patients undergoing multiple invasive procedures such as those requiring intensive care. A pilot study was undertaken to determine the incidence of intensive care unit (ICU) acquired infection in Scotland and to test the feasibility of the implementation of a surveillance system to measure ICU acquired infection in Scottish hospitals. The overall incidence of ICU acquired infection, namely pneumonia, bloodstream infection and central venous catheter related infection, was 30.5 infections per 1000 patient days with the majority being pneumonia. Implementation of the surveillance system was found to feasible and as such may have an important role in the monitoring of ICU acquired infection.


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