Infections related to peripheral IV phlebitis

Safety IV catheter

Intravenous literature: Runyan, D., Stern, J., Macri, I., Stango, C., Vacca, M. and Riddick, S. (2011) Peripheral IV Securement Device Implementation to Reduce Phlebitis and Associated Infections. AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control. 39(5), p.E193-E194.


In the 19 months from October 2007 through April 2009, 13 patients acquired infections related to peripheral IV (PIV) phlebitis. There were nine bloodstream infections (BSIs) and four skin & soft tissue infections(S&STI). One patient died as a direct result of complications from one of the BSIs. In response, Infection Prevention (IP) conducted a PIV point prevalence study to assess the issues. IV securement was found to be an opportunity for improvement. The phlebitis rate was 13.5%.

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