Indications for home intravenous therapy for children


Intravenous literature: Moore, D. and Bortolussi, R. (2012) Home intravenous therapy: Accessibility for Canadian children and youth. Paediatrics Child Health. 16(2), p.105-14.


The administration of intravenous (IV) therapy at home is an alternative to hospitalization for treatment of infection and a number of other conditions, and has been demonstrated to be effective and safe, to reduce cost and to improve quality of life. While home IV therapy has many advantages for children, it is not uniformly available and access may be limited by age, geographical location and ability to pay. Physicians caring for children need to be aware of the indications for home IV therapy, its requirements and limitations, as well as whether this option is available for children in their care. Where access is limited, physicians should advocate for home IV therapy for children when it is medically indicated.

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