Incidence of Gram-negative bacilli among patients with catheter-related bloodstream infections


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Braun, E., Hussein, K., Geffen, Y., Rabino, G., Bar-Lavie, Y. and Paul, M. (2014) Predominance of Gram-negative bacilli among patients with catheter-related bloodstream infections. Clinical Microbiology and Infection. January 24th. [epub ahead of print].


We evaluated changes in the epidemiology of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) between 1996-2012 in a tertiary care center in Israel. The cohort included 1,754 episodes of CRBSI. The incidence of CRBSIs decreased throughout the study period, while 30-day mortality following bacteremia increased. There was a linear shift toward predominance of Gram-negative bacilli throughout the study period (p for trend<0.001). In 1996, 68% (68/100) CRBSIs were caused by Gram-positive cocci, while in 2012 77.8% (28/26) were caused by Gram-negative bacilli. The shift towards Gram-negative CRBSIs and the associated mortality mandates that empirical treatment for CRBSIs be directed by local epidemiology.

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