Inadvertent carotid artery puncture


Intravenous literature: Bouzas-Mosquera, A., Mosquera, V.X., Portela, F., Cuenca, J.J., Alvarez-Garcia, N. and Castro-Beiras, A. (2009) Extrinsic compression of the left atrium by a mediastinal hematoma secondary to inadvertent carotid puncture. Echocardiography. 26(5), p.586-8.


We present the case of a 63-year-old man who underwent surgical closure of a paravalvular mitral leak. Immediately after surgery, transesophageal echocardiography revealed the appearance of a mediastinal hematoma encroaching on the left atrium and separating the esophageal probe from the posterior left atrial wall. The cause was an inadvertent puncture of the carotid artery, presumably during central venous line insertion prior to surgery.

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