Inadvertent arterial injection


Intravenous literature: Shukla, A.N., Ghaffar, Z.B.A. and Joshi, S.C. (2009) Inadvertent intra arterial injection of rocuronium: a case report. Internet Journal of Anesthesiology. 19(1), p.17.


Accidental intra-arterial injection of drugs is a potentially dangerous complication of intravenous therapy. All the personnel using intravenous therapy must be aware of this possibility and signs symptoms and management of it. We report a case of accidental intra-arterial injection of Rocuronium and Fentanyl. Patient developed sever hyperemia and sluggish capillary refill distal to site of injection. The patient was given injection lignocaine 2% 60 mg and 30 ml of heparinised saline was infused intra-arterial. The hyperemia resolved slowly and capillary refill improved back to normal over next hour. There were no long terms sequelae.

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