Hypodermoclysis: Product focus on subcutaneous infusion in palliative care


Intravenous literature: Gabriel, J. (2012) Subcutaneous infusion in palliative care: the neriaTM soft infusion set. British Journal of Nursing. 21(21), p.14-18.


Patients approaching the end of their life may be unable to tolerate the administration of oral medication owing to their underlying disease and/or symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. Subcutaneous infusion is an alternative route of administration that offers a number of advantages over oral and intravenous routes. This product focus article provides an overview of subcutaneous infusion, including how the selection of the most appropriate infusion device can greatly contribute to the overall comfort of the patient. This in turn minimises the potential for premature device loss, which can lead to repeated insertion procedures for the patient, increases the potential for infection, and has resource implications. The article then describes the recently developed neriaTM soft infusion set, as well as providing case studies of its use.

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