Hospital identifies causes of hand hygiene non-compliance and identifies targeted solutions


Intravenous literature: Cocconi, R., Arnoldo, L., Dal Cin, M., Del Giudice, P., Fabro, R., Faruzzo, A., Tignonsini, D. and Brusaferro, S. (2013) Improving hand hygiene compliance in a teaching hospital. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control. 2(Suppl 1), p.128.


Introduction: Although WHO project “Clean care is safer care” was introduced many years ago in our hospital, Hand Hygiene (HH) practice shows low compliance level in some wards at increased risk of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).

Objectives: The project objective is to determine the causes of HH non-compliance and to identify targeted solutions for improvement.

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