Five part model for providing culturally competent care in home infusion nursing


Intravenous literature: Petroulias, P., Groesbeck, L. and Wilson, F.L. (2013) Providing Culturally Competent Care in Home Infusion Nursing. Journal of Infusion

Nursing. 36(2), p.108-114.


All health care providers, and particularly nurses who are on the front lines of patient care, must be skilled in providing culturally appropriate and competent care. Cultural competence needs to be guided by a philosophical framework. This article was written to describe cultural care in the context of home infusion nursing using the Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services model. The model is used to provide structural reference in order to offer nursing care to members of diverse cultures. The 5-part model gives an overarching conceptual orientation to assist the nurse in providing quality care that is culturally sensitive.

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