Experience with Leptospermum honey use for treatment of extravasation


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Boyar, V., Handa, D, Clemens, K. and Shimborske, D. (2014) Clinical experience with Leptospermum honey use for treatment of hard to heal neonatal wounds: case series. Journal of Perinatology. 34(2), p.161-3.


Preterm, critically ill neonates represent a challenge in wound healing. Many factors predispose infants to skin injuries, including decreased epidermal-dermal cohesion, deficient stratum corneum, relatively alkaline pH of skin surface, impaired nutrition and presence of multiple devices on the skin. We present a case series describing the use of medical-grade honey-Leptospermum honey (Medihoney), for successful treatment of slowly healing neonatal wounds, specifically stage 3 pressure ulcer, dehiscent and infected sternal wound, and full-thickness wound from an extravasation injury.

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