Emergency intravenous (IV) access: Ultrasound-guided peripheral internal jugular vein catheterization


Intravenous literature: Teismann, N.A., Knight, R.S., Rehrer, M., Shah, S., Nagdev, A. and Stone, M. (2012) The Ultrasound-guided “Peripheral IJ”: Internal Jugular Vein Catheterization using a Standard Intravenous Catheter. The Journal of Emergency Medicine. May 10. .


BACKGROUND: Obtaining vascular access is difficult in certain patients. When routine peripheral venous catheterization is not possible, several alternatives may be considered, each with its own strengths and limitations.

DISCUSSION: We describe a novel technique for establishing vascular access in Emergency Department (ED) patients: the placement of a standard catheter-over-needle device into the internal jugular vein using real-time ultrasound guidance. We present a series of patients for whom this procedure was performed after other attempts at vascular access were unsuccessful. In all cases, the procedure was performed quickly and without complications.

CONCLUSION: Although further study of this technique is required, we believe this procedure may be a valuable option for ED patients requiring rapid vascular access.

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