Elastomeric infusion pump in home care: An evidence-based approach


Intravenous literature: Broadhurst, D. (2012) Transition to an Elastomeric Infusion Pump in Home Care: An Evidence-Based Approach. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 35(3), p.143-151.


A fatal overdose of a chemotherapeutic agent delivered to a patient via an electronic infusion device served as a stark reminder of the risks that infusion therapy poses to patients and health care providers and as the impetus for a strategy to optimize safe and efficient delivery of home infusion therapy. The Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice Star Model of Knowledge Transformation was used as the evidence-based framework for the implementation of a portable infusion pump that supports home infusion of high-risk medications, leading to increased patient and caregiver satisfaction. Evaluation of this implementation supports the use of an elastomeric infusion device for a high-risk therapy.

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