Drug calculation problems


Intravenous literature: Wright, K. (2009) Resources to help solve drug calculation problems. British Journal of Nursing. 18(14), p.878 – 883.


This article is the third in a series of articles discussing drug calculations and discusses the resources, in terms of knowledge and skills, that are required to support the use of methods for solving calculation problems (Wright, 2009). The main resources discussed are clinical practice, numeracy knowledge (including number patterns), proportions and factors, and clinical tools such as syringes. These resources can be used as part of formal teaching sessions, or can be developed and practised by individual nurses to improve knowledge and confidence in solving drug calculations. The most important resource for developing drug calculation skills is regular exposure to drug calculations in clinical practice. Any drug calculation teaching and assessing, therefore must have clinical practice as the starting point, with numeracy knowledge not extracted and taught separately, but developed as a resource from within practice, for the purpose of supporting practice.


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