CRBSI abstracts


Intravenous literature: The American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC 2010 38,5) have published details of number of recent APIC conference abstracts. These include:

  • Maintaining a Zero Central Line-associated Blood Stream Infection Rate for 17 Months Across a Large and Diverse Adult Patient Population: What Gets the Credit?
    Presentation Number 4-029
  • Reduction in Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections
    Presentation Number 4-033
  • Reduction in Central Line-related Bloodstream Infection (CLBSI) as a Result of Multiple Process Improvement Changes
    Presentation Number 4-034
  • Targeting Zero: A Systematic Approach to Elimination of Catheter-related Bloodstream Infections in a Pediatric Healthcare System
    Presentation Number 4-037
  • What Impact Does Chlorhexidine Gluconate Transparent IV Securement Dressing Have on Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Rates?
    Presentation Number 4-039
  • Bacteremia Associated With Hemodialysis Catheters in the Outpatient Chronic Hemodialysis Unit
    Presentation Number 8-055
  • A Comprehensive, Ongoing Program to Eliminate Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections in Two Intensive Care Units
    Presentation Number 8-057
  • Clinical Decision Support Technology Streamlines Documentation of Infection Control Interventions for Timely Removal of Foley and Central Venous Catheters
    Presentation Number 8-068
  • The Connector or Not the Connector: Reduction of Blood Culture Contamination
    Presentation Number 8-089
  • The Improper Placement of the Chlorhexidine Gluconate Sponge Dressing for Use on Central Venous Devices
    Presentation Number 10-118
  • Use of an Antimicrobial Luer Activated Device on Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheters (PICCs) to Reduce Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection Rates
    Presentation Number 10-119
  • Assessment of a Mandatory Reporting System on Compliance With Evidence-based Practices for Prevention of Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections
    Presentation Number: 11-121
  • New York State Hospital-acquired Infection Reporting System: Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Central Line Infection Rates, New York State Rate
    Presentation Number: 11-123
  • Using Lean/Six Sigma Quality Improvement Methodologies to Reduce Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) in a Pediatric Hospital
    Presentation Number 12-141
  • New Interventions in Addition to the Central Line Bundle which are Associated With a Sustained Reduction of Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections
    Presentation Number: 173
  • Developing a Process to Reduce Risk of Intravascular Catheter-related Infections and Complications in the Non-intensive Care Units
    Presentation Number 12-130
  • Development of Electronic Capture of Central Venous Catheter (CVC) Characteristics and Use. Presentation Number 16-157

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