Comprehensive central line bundles: Achieving seven years of zero central-line-associated bloodstream infections


Intravenous literature: Harnage, S. (2012) Seven years of zero central-line-associated bloodstream infections. British Journal of Nursing. 21(21), p.6-12.


Many hospitals feel they have adequately addressed the issue of bloodstream infection prevention if they mandate a conventional central-line bundle. Yet central-line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) persist as a major problem in health care today. Sutter Roseville Medical Center (SRMC) in Roseville, California has achieved unprecedented success in eliminating CLABSIs by approaching the issue more broadly than most institutions. The SRMC bundle is more comprehensive and innovative than conventional bundles. It is applied by a dedicated vascular access team, and the team’s efforts are supported by a safety-first culture enforced by senior leadership. All of this is accomplished without losing sight of the financial implications of infection prevention. SRMC is committed to substantial up-front investments in patient safety to realise long-term cost-effectiveness.

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