Comparison of needleless securing clamp and the traditional suture-secured method for central venous catheters


Intravenous literature: Silich, B., Chrobak, P., Siu, J., Schlichting, A., Patel, S. and Yang, J. (2012) Improving safety and efficiency during emergent central venous catheter placement with a needleless securing clamp. Emergency Medicine Journal. Sep 9. .


OBJECTIVE: To compare the needleless securing clamp to the traditional suture-secured clamp for central venous catheters.

METHODS: Compare the holding strength of each type of clamps by measuring the amount of kinetic energy absorbed, ask 20 physicians to evaluate the clamp placement using sutures or staples, and summarise the clamps effectiveness and complications in 10 patients.

RESULTS: Compared to sutured clamp, the needleless clamp was more secure. The needleless clamp was also significantly better with regard to ease of use, safety, perceived strength (p value

CONCLUSIONS: Without incurring complications or increasing risk to patients, the needleless clamp is secure and improves safety and efficiency for physicians.

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