Comment on the consideration of needlestick injury data in evaluating staffing effectiveness


Intravenous literature: Patrician, P.A., Pryor, E., Fridman, M. and Loan, L. (2012) Response to A call for consideration of needlestick injury data in evaluating staffing effectiveness. AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control. 40(1), p.81.


“Mr Jett, my coauthors and I thank you for your thoughtful letter concerning our June 2011 paper on the association of needlestick injuries among inpatient staff nurses and nurse staffing. We particularly applaud your regard for the multifactorial nature of needlestick injuries. Despite advances in needleless devices, needlestick injuries continue to occur, and, as our data show, contaminated needles are still a serious threat to the occupational safety of nursing personnel, not to mention others who work in hospitals (eg, housekeeping staff) whom we did not study. Just as with the patient safety movement, we need to seriously consider not only the actions of the individual nurses but the systems in which they provide nursing care, or the context of their respective work environments, if we are to better understand the multifactorial nature of such adverse events.”

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