Are chlorhexidine-containing dressings safe for use with ventricular drains?


#IVTEAM #Intravenous literature: Scheithauer, S., Möller, M., Höllig, A., Marx, G., Thoröe, S., Lopez-Gonzalez, L., Reinges, M.H. and Lemmen, S.W. (2014) Are chlorhexidine-containing dressings safe for use with ventricular drainages? Infection. February 11th. [epub ahead of print].


The purpose of this report was to assess the safety and application of chlorhexidine (CHG)-containing dressings-shown to reduce central line infection rates markedly-for external ventricular drainages (EVDs) and lumbar drainages (LDs). Cerebrospinal fluid samples of patients receiving standard dressings and CHG-containing dressing (ten each) were analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography for the presence of CHG. The application was evaluated. CHG was not detectable in all samples. The dressings’ application for EVDs and LDs worked without problems. Thus, the use of CHG-containing dressings for EVDs and LDs seems to be safe. Further studies addressing their infection reduction potential are warranted.

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