Central venous catheter management


Intravenous literature: McCann, M., Einarsdottir, H., Van Waeleghem, J.P., Murphy, F. and Sedgewick, J. (2010) CE: continuing Education article vascular access management iii: central venous catheters. Journal of Renal Care. 36(1), p.25-33.


This third article, the final part of a Continuing Education (CE) series on Vascular Access Management for patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD), focuses on central venous catheters. CVCs are considered the last choice in vascular access due to the numerous complications associated with their use. This CE article explores the incidence and prevalence of central venous catheters within the context of international guidelines, type and design of central venous catheters, insertion procedure, strategies for preventing infection and complications associated with their use.


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